Welcome to the Kitigan Zibi Police Department! We are located at 10 Kikinamage Mikan in Kitigan Zibi (Maniwaki) Quebec. We can be contacted at 819-449-6078.  You can learn more about our services through our website. The KZPD is committed to bringing you a snap shot of what we are doing on a weekly basis. 

If you have any recommendations that you would like to see, please feel free to contact the Director of Police at 819-449-6078.


The Mission of the KZPD is in direct relation with the Vision Statement of the Community:

The Kitigan Zibi Police Service Mission is to maintain peace, order and public safety in Kitigan Zibi, to prevent and repress crime as well as violations of all applicable laws and regulations and to apprehend the offenders

The police service ensures the safety of persons and property, safeguards rights and freedoms, respects and remains attentive to the needs of the victims, and cooperates with the community and visitors.

Community Safety

We are committed to protecting citizens of the public and members of Kitigan Zibi, as well as obtaining and maintaining trust from the public in order to protect and serve our community in an ethical and honourable way.  

Our team works rapidly to solve problems and bring justice to solutions. Kitigan Zibi police watches over the safety of community members by patrolling, keeping watch and assisting in problems.

On hand we have a team of thirteen trained police officers that can be contacted at any time (819-449-6078) or visited at 10 Kikinamage Mikan.

Kitigan Zibi Police