Salary Scale Teachers 2021-2022
KZ Salary Scales 2021-2022
KZA Human Resources Policy Indeterminate Employees 2017
KZA Human Resources Policy 2017
Oath of Confidentiality
Travel Policy
Work Code of Ethics
Workplace Accommodation
Workplace Anti-Harassment
ISO Environmental Policy 2018
Band Council Guidelines
KZA Finance Policy 2015
KZA Staffing and Recruitment Policy 2017
KZHRDB Employment – Training Policy 2019
CEDO Policy 2015
Economic Development Plan 2013-2020
KZA Construction Department Housing Application
KZA Housing Construction Policy 2019
Social Assistance Policy
Safety Booklet – Transportation Workers
Safety Booklet – Public Works and General Labour
Safety Booklet – In-Home Care Workers
Safety Booklet – Forestry Workers
Safety Booklet – Food Service Workers
Safety Booklet – Custodial Workers
Safety Booklet – Construction Workers
Safety Booklet – Administration and Front-Line Workers
KZA Cannabis By-Law

KZHSS Policies and Procedures Manual 2019

Post Secondary Allowance Deposit Dates 2021-2022
Post Secondary Funding Application ENGLISH
Code of Student Behaviour
KZ Kikinamadinan Brochure
Parent Handbook
Post Secondary Funding Application FRANÇAIS
Programme D’aide Postsecondaire Collegial
Programme D’aide Postsecondaire Universitaire
Post Secondary Public College Policy
Post Secondary Public University Policy