Social Service Programs

Kiweda Assisted Living

Residential care for semi-autonomous community members.


Shirley Commanda
Kiweda Coordinator

Waseya House

Shelter, intervention, and counselling for First Nations’ families experiencing family violence.


Waseya House
(819) 449-7425

Suzanne Thran
Family Violence Intervention Worker

Annie Commando
Family Violence Intervention Worker

Child and Family Services


Kane Dumont
Youth Protection Social Work Technician  
(819) 449-5593 ext. 2601

Òde Wìdòkàzowin


Helen Cayer
Enhanced Prevention Services Coordinator  
(819) 449-2323 ext. 2802

Sabrina Whiteduck
General Office Support Worker
(819) 449-2323 ext. 2800

Dan Decontie
Youth Prevention Worker
(819) 449-2323 ext 2805

Natasha Mitchell
Criminal Court Diversion Worker
(819) 449-2323 ext. 2801

Kristy Odjick
NIHB/Jordan’s Principle Navigator
(819) 449-2323 ext. 2804

Tracey Tolley
NIHB/Jordan’s Principle Navigator
(819) 449-2323 ext. 2806

Community Recreation


Gloria Decontie
Community Prevention Events Organizer
(819) 449-2323