The Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg Band utilizes the service of 4 finance clerks, under the direction of the Community Manager/Finance Comptroller, to handle the total annual revenues and expenses. The duties and responsibilities were divided up into the 4 following areas:

  1. Accounts Payable
  2. Accounts Receivable – Cash receipts
  3. Payroll
  4. General Accounting – Financial Statements

The KZA offers 3 loans to help access funds for the development of individual projects and to cover emergency repairs of defective pumps and accessories with residents of the community.

“Economic Development Loan Fund”, “Revolving Loan Fund”, and “Home Owners Well Insurance Plan”


To speak with someone about payroll, payments, or supports please contact
Kal Toll (Payroll): 819-449-5170 ext. 1101
Kristy Whiteduck (Payments): 819-449-5170 ext. 1105