Resident members of the KZA band may be eligible for Social Assistance given the certain parameters of their situation. KZA band members should meet the one of the criteria below to be considered for social assistance.

  1. Social assistance may only be given to resident Kitigan Zibi band members who meet social assistance eligibility.

  2. Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg member who is living with a spouse who is a status member from another reserve who make up a family unit, if eligible, may receive social assistance for their family unit. Payment will only be made in the name of the KZA band member.

  3. Subject to the availability of funds, students who have just finished full-time studies for summer
    recess and are unable to find employment, and who are 18 years of age and over, may be eligible for
    social assistance.

  4. Subject to the availability of funds, students who attend high school full-time and who reside with
    their parents, who are 18 years of age and unable to find work, may be eligible for social

  5. Single mothers (who are not living in a common-law situation) and who are under the age of 18 years,
    may be eligible for social assistance.

  6. Social Assistance may be issued to a recipient for the month in which the recipient is to commence employment within that month. The recipient is eligible as long as their employment commences after the 1st of the month. (eg. The recipient is scheduled to commence work on Sept. 3rd, then the recipient is eligible to receive a social assistance cheque for September.)

Socials Assistance cannot be used for the following:
  • Other First Nation members and Non-Natives
  • Registered Band member whose spouse or common-law spouse earns an income
  • Funeral Expenses
  • KZA members who have lived on the reserve for less than 10 days
The following items will be examined in order to verify Social Assistance eligibility:
  • Quebec Medical Card
  • Quebec Driver’s License
  • Permanent Mailing Address
  • Bank Account – Most recent copy of Bank Statement
  • T4 or Income Tax return – Current or previous filing year
  • Lease Agreement (Rent)
  • Name of Education Institution where child(ren) are attending – Proof of registration is required
  • Birth Certificate
  • Assets
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Separation agreement/ Divorce Documentation
  • Proof of Return to school/ training
  • Residency on-reserve – at least 10 consecutive days before application
  • Proof of receipt of family allowance


For further question or to inquire about a Social Assistance application, please contact Susan Commanda 819-449-5170 ext.1202