Wawasomo Creations presents: Michen Ashidj Mani, a play written by Stephen McGregor. This tale is about Michen and Mani who are brother and sister. Michen does not listen to his grandmother and the bag lady catches Mani. Michen does not know where Mani is until rabbit tells him where she might be. When Michen agrees not to hunt rabbit, rabbit helps get Mani back.

Featuring the voices of:
Mani – Annette Smith/Jenny Tenasco
Michen – Wesley Tenasco
Kokomis – Victoria Whiteduck
Waboz – Stephanie Tenasco
Mashkimodiyekwe – Cheryl Tenasco Whiteduck

River Tenasco
Katina Tendesi
Wesley Tenasco

Filmed and edited by:
Clara Decontie
Wawasomo Creations

This DVD video has legal copyright with KZES 2011. All rights reserved.