The Centre

The Kitigan Zibi Wazoson is a safe and secure Daycare Centre that aims to provide quality services to children in and around our community. A cultural support worker has been accessed to provide more language and cultural content within the Wazoson program. The Kitigan Zibi Wazoson is dedicated to providing an educationally sound program, in a warm and welcoming environment with qualified staff to serve our clientele.

What We Offer

The Daycare Program
  • Daycare is licensed to take 46 children (6 months to 59 months)
  • Algonquin Language & Cultural Content
  • Kokomis & Mishomis Day
  • Storytelling
  • Nature Walks
  • Special Guests
  • Diverse food menus that provide healthy nutritious meals and snacks approved by a dietician
  • Weekly programmed activities planned by trained staff to ensure coverage of all areas for whole child development
Kitigan Zibi Wazoson School-Age Program
  • 16 spaces are made available for school-aged children (5 years old to 12 years old)
  • Algonquin Language & Cultural Content
  • Kokomis & Mishomis Day
  • Storytelling
  • Nature Walks
  • Special Guests
  • Before & After School Program
  • Pedagogical Day Program
  • Summer Full-Day Program
  • Weekly programmed activities and March break activities designated to accommodate their needs and development level
Wazoson Inclusion Program

The Wazoson Program aims to provide children with special needs and their parents/ caregivers, the same opportunities to learn, enjoy and participate in a program that understands and respects differences.

Resources and support are accessed through the Kitigan Zibi Education Sector, Kitigan Zibi Health & Social Services, and other professional services.

How to Enroll

To register your child(ren) for any of these programs, contact the Program Coordinator at Wazoson Daycare Centre.

Tel: 819-441-1515
Fax: 819-441-1616
38 Paganakomin Mikan,
Maniwaki QC, J9E 3B1

Our Mission

To provide an educationally sound program, ensuring physical, cognitive, cultural, social and emotional growth for every child. To provide love, security, comfort and understanding. Operation of the centre includes team work and open communication involving staff, parents, guardians and community. Our program reflects all aspects of the Anishinabe tradition, promoting the use of our language and culture.

“Kakina mâmawe nidondamitâmin kidje ayîjîyâng iyo” (we are all working together to attain this).